Monday, October 22, 2007

Nothing New

I obviously haven't posted in awhile. I"ve been so super busy at work trying to meet our 10/15 deadline which I did but created a mess to meet it which means I'm doing clean up work now.
I have gotten back on track at home since Kim's death which had thrown me in a strange funk for a couple of weeks. I guess it's just part of grieving. . . .
I found out Friday that I have 7 vacation days that I have to use before December 31! That's awesome, however, when am I going to use them?!! I have a scrapbook weekend planed which will use up 2 of my days. I love to scrapbook and we have a great time together. We get a huge condo in Pigeon Forge and there's around 8 of us that are there. We stay up til all hours. the great thing is that the women who go talk so great about their spouses the whole male bashing thing isn't even a part of it. We laugh alot and talk about our great husbands and our terrific kids and get to show off our family photos and creativity too!
so that leaves me with 5 days to decide where to go. I'm definitely planning a trip with the DH. We don't get that much time alone together so it will be wonderful! And yes, kids, if you are reading this, there will be french kissing involved. That's a whole other conversation. . . . We can go anywhere Southwest goes, but I think I'm going to limit the choices to places where it's going to be warm. We like to see the historical stuff and I'm just not in the mood to look at the Statue of Liberty in 30 below weather! although we talked about just going to the mountains and getting a cabin. We really like to do that too, but it's got to have a hot tub! Love the hot tub!!!

So if anyone reads this - give me your vote as to where we should go and if you've been there tell what there is to do there too.