Thursday, December 6, 2007

Key West

Yes, we chose to go to Key West at the last minute. Since we only had about 4 days we chose to go somewhere that we felt didn't have a whole lot of sightseeing since that is what we like to do. We would have liked to have had a whole day at the beach just to lay around. But we spent our time at the Pirate Festival which was very interesting, with some interesting characters. We also toured Hemingway's house, rode the trolley around town to learn about the history of Key West, went out to eat a couple of times - one you must go to when you go to key West and that's the Conch Republic restauarant - I found it to be excellent! We took a fun speed boat ride too. And of course watched the Sunset from the famous Mallory Square and watched a couple of street performers there.
We missed all the kids, but we do enjoy our time together.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I think I've said this in a prior post but I feel like talking about it anyway - where to go, where to go! I'm thinking somewhere warm but I'm open to somewhere we could go snowmobiling. Not sure I'd be much into skiing but I'll try ALMOST anything once. I think we probably going to hit Key West. I've flown over Key West and rode a ship past it too but never stopped there. We can go anywhere Southwest flies for free. We could even go to Hawaii again - absolutely loved Maui! but we only have about 4 days and with the length of time it takes to get to Hawaii it really cuts your actuall time on the ground down by a whole lot, plus I found the time change somewhat difficult for the first 2 days. Weird - I don't remember that issue when I went to England.

My sister and I made out the menu for Thanksgiving and it sounds so yummy, I can't wait! Although I think I'll have to start running right now to get the weight off before it even hits me!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scrapbook Weekend

I took Friday off from work and spent the morning with my DH taking the kids to school and then going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then going to Old Time Pottery. He was such a good sport and even participated at Old Time Pottery!
I later left for my big weekend of scrapbooking. twice a year now I get together with my sister-in-law and her friends and we scrapbook until all hours. This time we rented a cabin and it was great - it even had a hot tub which yes, I made use of. I also took off Monday and so when I left the cabin and did a little shopping in Pigeon Forge at the Christmas stores. I couldn't help myself I had to buy a few things. I also stopped at the Scrapbook Store!! and bought some things there too, but then I went to visit with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a couple of hours. I was saddened to hear how difficult it is without Kim and how they are struggling personally, however, I do understand. Kim was such a part of their lives and since I live so far away it's just not as frequent a reminder that Kim is no longer here and won't be here for Thanksgiving. so we are having to think of a different way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.
I then went to visit with my grandparents. My grandma is deteriorating pretty fast to where she doesn't usually remember people and events, although she remembered me and my husband even though he wasn't with me. I was so glad to get to spend that time with them and then I went and had dinner with my sister and my dad and nephew. I absolutely loved the freedom that day to go and see and do as I pleased while my DH was home holding down the fort with the baby!
God is so good. He has poored His blessings on me when I don't deserve it. Thank you Lord!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nothing New

I obviously haven't posted in awhile. I"ve been so super busy at work trying to meet our 10/15 deadline which I did but created a mess to meet it which means I'm doing clean up work now.
I have gotten back on track at home since Kim's death which had thrown me in a strange funk for a couple of weeks. I guess it's just part of grieving. . . .
I found out Friday that I have 7 vacation days that I have to use before December 31! That's awesome, however, when am I going to use them?!! I have a scrapbook weekend planed which will use up 2 of my days. I love to scrapbook and we have a great time together. We get a huge condo in Pigeon Forge and there's around 8 of us that are there. We stay up til all hours. the great thing is that the women who go talk so great about their spouses the whole male bashing thing isn't even a part of it. We laugh alot and talk about our great husbands and our terrific kids and get to show off our family photos and creativity too!
so that leaves me with 5 days to decide where to go. I'm definitely planning a trip with the DH. We don't get that much time alone together so it will be wonderful! And yes, kids, if you are reading this, there will be french kissing involved. That's a whole other conversation. . . . We can go anywhere Southwest goes, but I think I'm going to limit the choices to places where it's going to be warm. We like to see the historical stuff and I'm just not in the mood to look at the Statue of Liberty in 30 below weather! although we talked about just going to the mountains and getting a cabin. We really like to do that too, but it's got to have a hot tub! Love the hot tub!!!

So if anyone reads this - give me your vote as to where we should go and if you've been there tell what there is to do there too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I had started my blog with things I want to be sure to do in my lifetime and I just realized I had forgotten one. I want to visit a concentration camp, preferably Aushwitz (I know I didn't spell it right). What reminded was a story I heard today on NPR from a Holocost survivior. One of my favorite books is The Hiding Place, by Corrie ten Boom who was alos a survivor. I was in Germany several years ago but the people I was traveling with didn't want to make a detour to see one of the German concentration camps. Now I wish I had pressed the issue . . .

Monday, September 24, 2007


We had a great weekend - if only I could remember what we did . . . .

Oh, we went to see my neice run in a track meet since it was near us. It was really nice to be able to participate for once since we don't live near each other. She beat her best time ever. We also watched the guys run too and I spotted a couple of guys from church. I made sure to say Hi to one - couldn't find the other. It forced me to get up an moving for the day too so I wasn't lazy like I can be on a saturday morning.

We had dinner with our Sunday school class Saturday night. We went to a new place for us and even though the decor wasn't all that fancy, the steak was great. I had beef tips which can be tough sometimes, but they were great! Our class is crazy so we always have a great time. My hubby and I then left there and went to watch the rest of the UT game. It's always a great time to spend with him and fortunately they won!! otherwise, I probably wouldn't say that.

Sunday was church and I took my step-son for a haircut - he was real concerned about getting it done. I'm thinking because this coming weekend is homecoming and he has a hot date with his girlfriend to the dance. He is soooo cute about all this girlfriend stuff!!

Then I had to take my daughter for homecoming shoes - fortunately it wasn't as difficult as I was afraid it was going to be!

Last year we did a special dinner at our house so that the kids didn't have to fork out a bunch of money at a restaurant. It was fun to get out the china and crystal and candles. I think they really enjoyed it too. We're going to do that again this year. the best part has to be the stuffed mushrooms. My daughter has specifically requested those again!

Now I'm back to work . . . I didn't make my personal billing goal but I was very close so I'm happy with that!

Next time I'll share some stuff that God taught me last week. Cool stuff!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We are working towards a deadline of October 15th. That is the last day for all the tax forms to be filed for Profit Sharing Plans. However, my deadline is September 24th. That's our fiscal year end where I work and I really want a bonus. They have newly instituted an incentive program that we get a bonus if we bill over and above our goal that was set for us at the beginning of the fiscal year. I'm already over my goal but I had a number in mind and I'm really close but it might be tough to get to my number!!!

Other than that, I'm looking forward to my step-son's football game on Thursday. I really hope he gets to play. It's perfect football weather! I love this time of year. Even his baby sister recognizes Football!! We'll make her a football fan for sure!

Mmmmm . .. what else - Oh, I decided to listen to something different on the radio as I was driving into work. I usually listen to NPR - I know, I know - very liberal, but I like the news and the personal stories they have on there sometimes are very interesting. anyway, this morning I turned it to a christian station and heard the reading of the word and a short message from Charels Swindall. I think it's charles. I think it's good to get as much of the Word in as much as possible, especially since I do my devotionals in the evenings.

I should get to work now so that I can reach my goal!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A happier note . . . . I think . . . .

I have been praying for God to speak to me regarding an area of service. My philosophy has always been to be more than a chair warmer on Sunday mornings. Of course, my husband and I do child care and we sing in the choir but I felt I needed more. So I heard about the ministry of Dawson McAllister and I trained to be a Hopeline coach. My first night answering the phones was on Sunday night. It was a great experience, except I think I really need to pray for more wisdom as to what to say, although for the most part we are just there to provide the kids a place to talk and for us to listen. I've also been trying to be more attentive to my own kids in that regard. It doesn't make sense for me to listen to other kids with problems and ignore my own!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


My sister-in-law, Kim was killed in a car accident last week. Even though we usually only saw her on holidays, it is still going to be hard to imagine the holidays without her there. Last year she taught me how to shake my booty really really fast. It was so funny to see us all in there watching her demonstrate and us trying to do it. My 2 kids who have only known her since my husband and I have been married (6 years) had really taken to her to. She was just alot of fun to be around. She will be missed . . . .

The picture is of Kim and her two kids.

Friday, March 16, 2007


This is my oldest daughter, Megan who is married. She has such a sweet wonderful spirit about her and is always conscientious of other's feelings.
I am so proud of her. She is in college and is working towards a degree in education.


I don't have a picture on this computer at all of Destiny! I can't believe that . . . I will have to remedy that very soon so I can post about Destiny.


I don't have a recent picture of charlie on this computer but here's one from a year ago in her Valentine outfit. She keeps us all running! She makes us laugh all the time. She has been such a joy to have in our home - and to think - we weren't going to have anymore what we would have missed out on.


This is my daughter Camille. She is so outgoing - she keeps me running all the time! She is a great student and is helpful around the house and with the baby and is involved with the youth group at church. One thing I appreciate about her is that she is not a procrastinator! This picture was taken by our neighbor who is a semi-professional photographer. He did a great job and she looks awesome!


This is my step-daughter Holly in her first prom dress. She looks terrific in that dress! She is actively involved in church and school and uses her creative juices all the time. She is very helpful around the house and taking care of the baby. She is also very smart and she is planning on a career in interior design.


This is my step-son Ben. He is such a great kid! He is so sweet to me and to his little baby sister. He likes to play football and soccer focusing on kicking and punting.

He has really matured this past year and grown up to!

March Madness

So far I've lost one game out of 16. But I had them going all the way to final four. Not sure how that is going to affect my scoring because I haven't bothered with figuring out all of that scoring stuff.

I'm trying to finalize arrangements to see my oldest daughter this weekend. She really misses home, but loves it in the small town where she and her husband are living. They are doing a great work and we consider them missionaries as they are youth pastors to a small church in the area.

Camille has cheerleading tryouts today. I do hope she makes it and I also hope she doesn't get to upset if she doesn't. I hope she makes it so that she can have some extracurricular activities. She's not interested in playing an instrument which is usually my first wish but forcing that issue probably wouldn't sit well.

Not much else new to report except I'm glad the 15th has passed and I didn't have any last minute emergencies to contend with! That's always a good thing!!

I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures on this blog so that way anyone who cares can see my family. I checked out a blog of a family I know and they are some crazy kids over there!! they were hilarious photos - if you read this through Ben's blog then you know who you are! they gave me a laugh which I needed that day particularly.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I haven't posted in a while because I have been so so busy at work. OUr first major deadline of the year is March 15th. I had a really bad day yesterday. I knew it was going to be a tough day so I came into work with a smile on my face and had gotten plenty of rest the night before, but the stress still got to me by the end of the day. I knew my evening was going to be packed full too of picking up my daughter and her friends and taking them to cheerleading and then all of them back home and of course, I had the baby to contend with as well. I was so glad to get home!! I watched Dr. Phil when I got home and then went straight to bed. Whew!

I'm thinking positively and saying today will go much better! This is the day that the Lord has made!

I should make it a point to go to choir practice tonight. We really do have a great worship time even though it's practice. I think that is something really neat at our church.

We are doing something fun at work and that is doing a pool for the NCAA Basketball championship. I don't know a thing about the teams but it's fun to guess for the winner's of each bracket and then throughout the championship we track it while we are at work. We can even watch parts of the games that are played during the day on our computers! It's fun to hear the cheers in our office. then I take it home and make sure I get the lastest updates on who has won before I go to bed. My husband examines my picks and tells me all about the teams and sometimes tells me I probably should've picked the other team. He laughed when he saw who I had picked as the national Champion last year. I picked them just because I liked the way their name sounded! This year I've basically picked according to their ranking (which is on the breakdown so it's not like I'm all that smart.)

got to go to work now!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I am loving my new photoshop program! I only got photoshop elements 2.0 since it was inexpensive and I really don't need alot of bells and whistles at this point.

I have been able to change a photo to black and white and then colorize certain items in the picture. Love it!! I have also been able to erase the wrinkles and bags from under my eyes. I look great!

I have found it not so easy to use and my step-daughter has had to show me the tricks that she has learned in school. Fortunately she is taking a class that is using Photoshop CS. So I'm going to give her some things that I want to change in a photo and she can go to class and get the answer for me!

My friend from California and I exchange photos during the day and she shows me what she has done as she plays and learns with her 2.0 also.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Still thinking

It struck me last night as I was, yes, watching American Idol, that these people are putting themselves out there to be judged and for all the world to see so if I think they sound terrible or they are acting funny why shouldn't I be able to laugh? I don't agree with as far as what Simon does and as cruel as he can be, but he has a right to say you are terrible and I think I have a right to laugh if the contestant is what I consider funny.

That will be the last of this topic . . .

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing new

I've gotten into this American Idol show. I really look forward to watching television when I know American Idol is coming on BUT . . . I heard my step-daughter talking to one of her friends about the show and they were discussing Simon Cowell and how rude and mean he is to the contestants. Her friend said she thought the show was funny and my step-daughter asked why do you think it's funny - he's mean. Then I was asking a co-worker and she said that she felt badly because she found her self laughing at someone else's expense.

So . . . . I might have to re-evaluate watching the show or at least the auditions part of it. They aren't as mean and obviously we don't laugh at the contestants once they've made it to the actual competition because they are the "best".

I did try to point out to the kids several situations that I thought were sweet, like the 2 guys that had become friends standing in line. The first guy audtitioned and didn't make it and while the second one was auditioning the first guy was listening at the door saying to Ryan Seacrest - "He sounds really good. He's been practicing alot today." I thought that was very sweet. Paula also made some positive comments to a few of the contestants, recognizing their good personality traits. I also thought it was sweet when one of the contestants who was really really bad, commented after his audition that he would have to watch himself on the show and reevaluate. He said " might just scare myself."

I think it comes on tonight actually so . . . .

Monday, January 29, 2007

List of Things to do in my Lifetime

This is my list. I'm sure I will continue to add to it - probably everytime I receive my liberal National Geographic magazine and read and see the wonderful articles and pictures! And I think I will also check off as I do these things too.

1. Stay one night in the Ice Castle in Canada (there is a cool website for this if you want to check it out)

2. Go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico and take a Hot Air Balloon ride.

3. Go to a place in the world where it is daytime for several days. I know Finland is one place but there are several others too.

4. Go to Easter Island

5. Go to Benin Africa and hopefully continue the "missions" work my parents and their friends have started - this would be a huge job.

6. Go to New Zealand. I hear you can do it all in New Zealand - beach, snow ski, hiking, kayaking.

7. Go to Figi and stay in one of the huts that sit over the water.

8. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.

9. Travel more in Europe.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life in General

I've set up this blog because a friend of mine did one and my step-son Ben has one and I thought it would be cool. Not that anyone will read it . . . I think I will use it to post pictures of the kids and family and maybe that way we can stay in touch better . . . I think the first thing I will do is post my list of things I want to do before I die (because of course, I can't really appreciate doing them after I die!).

Can't wait to see if anyone responds!