Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing new

I've gotten into this American Idol show. I really look forward to watching television when I know American Idol is coming on BUT . . . I heard my step-daughter talking to one of her friends about the show and they were discussing Simon Cowell and how rude and mean he is to the contestants. Her friend said she thought the show was funny and my step-daughter asked why do you think it's funny - he's mean. Then I was asking a co-worker and she said that she felt badly because she found her self laughing at someone else's expense.

So . . . . I might have to re-evaluate watching the show or at least the auditions part of it. They aren't as mean and obviously we don't laugh at the contestants once they've made it to the actual competition because they are the "best".

I did try to point out to the kids several situations that I thought were sweet, like the 2 guys that had become friends standing in line. The first guy audtitioned and didn't make it and while the second one was auditioning the first guy was listening at the door saying to Ryan Seacrest - "He sounds really good. He's been practicing alot today." I thought that was very sweet. Paula also made some positive comments to a few of the contestants, recognizing their good personality traits. I also thought it was sweet when one of the contestants who was really really bad, commented after his audition that he would have to watch himself on the show and reevaluate. He said " might just scare myself."

I think it comes on tonight actually so . . . .

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