Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We are working towards a deadline of October 15th. That is the last day for all the tax forms to be filed for Profit Sharing Plans. However, my deadline is September 24th. That's our fiscal year end where I work and I really want a bonus. They have newly instituted an incentive program that we get a bonus if we bill over and above our goal that was set for us at the beginning of the fiscal year. I'm already over my goal but I had a number in mind and I'm really close but it might be tough to get to my number!!!

Other than that, I'm looking forward to my step-son's football game on Thursday. I really hope he gets to play. It's perfect football weather! I love this time of year. Even his baby sister recognizes Football!! We'll make her a football fan for sure!

Mmmmm . .. what else - Oh, I decided to listen to something different on the radio as I was driving into work. I usually listen to NPR - I know, I know - very liberal, but I like the news and the personal stories they have on there sometimes are very interesting. anyway, this morning I turned it to a christian station and heard the reading of the word and a short message from Charels Swindall. I think it's charles. I think it's good to get as much of the Word in as much as possible, especially since I do my devotionals in the evenings.

I should get to work now so that I can reach my goal!!

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