Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness

So far I've lost one game out of 16. But I had them going all the way to final four. Not sure how that is going to affect my scoring because I haven't bothered with figuring out all of that scoring stuff.

I'm trying to finalize arrangements to see my oldest daughter this weekend. She really misses home, but loves it in the small town where she and her husband are living. They are doing a great work and we consider them missionaries as they are youth pastors to a small church in the area.

Camille has cheerleading tryouts today. I do hope she makes it and I also hope she doesn't get to upset if she doesn't. I hope she makes it so that she can have some extracurricular activities. She's not interested in playing an instrument which is usually my first wish but forcing that issue probably wouldn't sit well.

Not much else new to report except I'm glad the 15th has passed and I didn't have any last minute emergencies to contend with! That's always a good thing!!

I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures on this blog so that way anyone who cares can see my family. I checked out a blog of a family I know and they are some crazy kids over there!! they were hilarious photos - if you read this through Ben's blog then you know who you are! they gave me a laugh which I needed that day particularly.

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