Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I am loving my new photoshop program! I only got photoshop elements 2.0 since it was inexpensive and I really don't need alot of bells and whistles at this point.

I have been able to change a photo to black and white and then colorize certain items in the picture. Love it!! I have also been able to erase the wrinkles and bags from under my eyes. I look great!

I have found it not so easy to use and my step-daughter has had to show me the tricks that she has learned in school. Fortunately she is taking a class that is using Photoshop CS. So I'm going to give her some things that I want to change in a photo and she can go to class and get the answer for me!

My friend from California and I exchange photos during the day and she shows me what she has done as she plays and learns with her 2.0 also.

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