Friday, November 16, 2007


I think I've said this in a prior post but I feel like talking about it anyway - where to go, where to go! I'm thinking somewhere warm but I'm open to somewhere we could go snowmobiling. Not sure I'd be much into skiing but I'll try ALMOST anything once. I think we probably going to hit Key West. I've flown over Key West and rode a ship past it too but never stopped there. We can go anywhere Southwest flies for free. We could even go to Hawaii again - absolutely loved Maui! but we only have about 4 days and with the length of time it takes to get to Hawaii it really cuts your actuall time on the ground down by a whole lot, plus I found the time change somewhat difficult for the first 2 days. Weird - I don't remember that issue when I went to England.

My sister and I made out the menu for Thanksgiving and it sounds so yummy, I can't wait! Although I think I'll have to start running right now to get the weight off before it even hits me!

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